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Principal Plumbing can safely clean your roof gutters and install a “Blue Mountain Mesh” trouble free gutter guard system.

How “Blue Mountain Mesh” works

A gutter guard (also known as gutter mesh) is designed to solve the problem of debris in your gutters by preventing debris from entering the gutter in the first place. There are various types of gutter protection systems on the market today.

Over-the-gutter systems (like Blue Mountain Mesh) that form a physical barrier to prevent leaves and debris from entering gutters offer a long term solution to minimise the risk of gutters building up leaves or blocking with debris. Typically constructed using either steel or aluminium mesh, this form of gutter protection ensures year round low-maintenance protection that keeps gutters from getting blocked, preventing flooding of eaves, ceiling and wall cavities; and extra protection from hail and flooding rains during storms.

The ski-slope design of over-the-gutter gutter protection systems ensures that leaves and debris are blown off the roof through wind action whilst water is drawn through the mesh guard into the gutter. This form of gutter protection is highly superior to other in-gutter systems (e.g. gutter coils, foam or brushes) which don’t stop debris from entering the gutter and can lead to a myriad of other problems (clogging, dislodging and risk of falls from DIY installation and need for more regular cleaning and maintenance).

Bushfire Protection

Protect your home from ember attack

Ember attack is where sparks and embers landing on your home trigger a fire, well before and hours after a bushfire has passed. As well as acting as a gutter guard, Blue Mountain Mesh 2mm superfine mesh acts as an ember guard, by preventing embers from entering your roof cavity.

Blue Mountain 2mm Superfine All Steel Mesh has been specifically designed to meet the Australian Standards requirements for the ember guard protection of sheet roofs for all Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL-12.5 clause 5.6.3; BAL-19 clause 6.6.3; BAL-29 clause 7.6.3; BAL-40 clause 8.6.3; BAL-FZ clause 9.6.3-2011).

The 2mm aperture is the prescribed opening to restrict burning debris from entering gaps and igniting buildings. The products have also undergone rigorous, independent testing by the CSIRO to certify that the materials used meet the definition of non-combustible prescribed in the Building Code of Australia, achieving Spread-of-Flame Index of ‘0’. (CSIRO,2009)

If interested please call Principal Plumbing for a free measure and quote.

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